This will be the real story behind our family brand...
"A story about failure, success, sad and happy moments. We want to be as open as possible to our customers and really make them feel like they are a part of our family!"
- Veselina Ralcheva
 Back in 1999, I was married with 2 children. I was teaching music and my husband was a firefighter. We wanted to do more, to make a change and be different but we did not know what was the right thing for us.
 One day, while driving with my husband he said to me out of nowhere "Let's grow roses and lavender". A tradition which was long forgotten in our hometown. I was really sceptical, however, for some reason, I said "YES".
 We started with absolute amateurs, with financial help from our parents. We invested in 4 big gardens and a small distillery. Soon after I was pregnant with a third child and we were really afraid of what will happen next.
 Up until 2007, we were at a big loss and we were really afraid. I still remember my 3rd child Elena asking us "Will we get poor if I buy shoes?". Our financial position was really bad. We produced amazing quality products but we had no market for them. 
.It all changed in 2007 when Bulgaria entered the EU and we were finally able to find a market for our products. 2013 was the year in which we were finally positive in our bank account after we started our business 14 years earlier. 

 "This whole experience changed our lives and made us believe that when you put all your energy, love and belief in something it will one-day flourish."

I told you all about this because those are the foundations and the values based on which InaEssentials was created. 
In 2019 my son came up with the idea of making an online store and offer our products online under the brand InaEssentials. Out of nowhere orders started to come in and we had to adjust with my husband and daughters. I quickly took over the administration, Elena and Maria - social media and customer support and my husband Nikolaj took over the production. A family business to its core :) 
Because of InaEssentials achievements and the amazing positive feedback from the whole local market in Bulgaria and other EU markets in 2020 I was given the first-ever price "Organic Farmer of the Year", which was something huge for me, as I knew all the effort, sleepless nights and fear lead to this moment. A moment where I can create something beautiful with my Family, and share it with our second family - our customers. ❤️
 We told you all about our Family and nothing about OUR PRODUCTS, as we believe that it is more important to know who stays behind everything you have at your home and use with your own families.
As a mother of 3, I know what it means to be responsible and take care... really care. That is how I treat our cosmetics products as well. That is why we closed the cycle.

All of our products are produced from our gardens, which we grow organically. Our crops are processed in our own distillery and the final products are made in our production facility. This closed-cycle was a must for me so that I can stand with my name behind something I see from seed to final product. Something I can use with my family at home, and offer to my second family - our amazing clients!
In the meantime, we really apprеciate the fact that you are taking your time to read about our family brand. For this reason, we would like to surprise you with a 25% discount with the promo code: about25
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- Yes we like to be different, it might not be the more professional thing to put a discount code in "About us" page. However, this is a family business and doing stuff like this is the beauty of it 😅
We believe in what we do, and we are sure of one thing: that with a kind attitude towards our customers, a constant thought about them and their desires and the fact that we are ready to respond to their needs at any time, Inaessentials has the potential to become something big. However great it may be, we promise you that we will always have the values ​​of the small family brand, which is our essence and the reason for our success ❤️
- Veselina Ralcheva
 Our Social Policy 
 Since 2002 our company has had a social policy and we are hiring mostly families from the minorities. In this way, we provide them with a chance to earn a living. Since 2002 we have helped more than 150 families to build houses, become part of our local society, and send their children to school. I still remember going through their children marks in School and giving bonuses for good grades :) 
Now we are feeling more than blessed to have them. Most of the families from the minorities are now working in Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic. Fortunately, the people who we have been helping for more than 20 years ago remember what we did. Now we have our loyal workers, who help us build what InaEssentials is today. We want to showcase these people faces as they are the hard workers who stay at the core of our company.